On the Road Back to Ahmedabad

imageimageThe mouse was in our room all night. I saw him slip out under the door this morning. And we are off today to Ahmedabad to thankfully, a better hotel, for two nights before we start the trek home. We made a few stops along the way, at the Modhera Sun Temple, with fabulously Hindu pictorial stories carved all over. It was designed and built in 1029 AD. Onward, next stop Jalpa’s family temple them to the Adalaj Stepwell. This is a place built in 1499 by a Gujerat queen. It goes down 5 stories with a well at the bottom. The people used to come there for water. Story goes that she (the queen) threw herself in the well over the death of her husband.
Our bedraggled bunch landed at the quite elegant Novotel in the afternoon. It was great to have a a comfortable bed, hot shower, wash my hair and be out of the mud and dust.
We went to our farewell dinner, a lovely outdoor restaurant with a traditional Gujerati meal and lots of entertainment including a girl dancing on nails with pots on her head. Jalpa provided us with a great send off.

One thought on “On the Road Back to Ahmedabad

  1. Patty- that photo of you looking out the window is so great! This looks like a great trip. I hope you are well. I have book marked your blog and check it out every so often. I love what you’ve been doing and I love the idea of designing my own fabric. That is super cool.
    You’ve been on my mind lately and I hope you’re well this new 2016! year. All is well here. I stumbled upon a few of Ruth’s recipes last night. One was for prosciutto from John Saltz – which brought back memories of that gigantic pig leg hanging in our basement for months… Every time I almost ran into it I would shriek. Shriek! Now I realize how cool mom was – curing her own meat. I totally dig that – now.
    I’d love to catch up and hear what you’re up to. How your new home is and how quilting is going these days. If you don’t get this (or reply in a while), I’ll reach out to you via your regular email.

    xo- Hillary

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