The Last Day

imageToday we tried to relax, breakfast at our hotel with real coffee. We had some last minute shopping to do so we had to go into the depths of the old city by tuk-tuk, up a back stairway in an alley to get copper water containers for the table. That was a trip. We tried to connect with a women’s collective group that was recommended by Paolo Gianturco but it did not happen.

We ate a lunch of more exotic foods. (This was a textiles and food trip)  we dropped Marion (our third textile person) off at the airport and back to the hotel. Tomorrow is our real travel day. Ahmedabad to Bombay, Bombay to Newark, Newark to S.F by late afternoon Monday.


One thought on “The Last Day

  1. Hi, Patty. Looks like we did cover some of the same territory, including Dr. Khatri’s shop/factory/home/compound. Made me want to go back again! Lovely to see you Sunday.

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