Rann Riders Resort

imageimageimageThis morning was a ride in an open Safari type jeep into the countryside to see birds and what they call asses. They are a cross between a horse and a zebra, but brown and white.
There were beautiful flamingos, storks and spoonbills. It’s bird watchers paradise. There is
Lots of water from underground. The do locals make a living from the salt and from growing cumin and castor beans, also from herding cows and water buffalo.

Bonnie didn’t accompany us as she felt ill with a cold and took the wrong medication and it turned out she slept with a mouse in the spare blanket the staff gave her. She is better today.
We had an afternoon rest and then went to see some village craftspeople working in their homes. I wish I had brought pencils for the kids. That would have been a good thing. Next time. Bonnie Marion and Jalpa went on a late sunset camel cart ride. It was almost dark so I skipped it and took pictures instead. Tomorrow we leave here for Ahmedabad for a day, then Bombay and home.

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