Long Day’s Journey into Night

After leaving our hotel in Bhuj at 8 am, we arrived at 2 at Dasada. Of interest along the highway: camel carts, nomad goat herders and lots of highly decorated trucks. We ended up at a resort that is a sanctuary for wild asses. No jokes please.  The place here is calm and we all have small huts to stay in, a big outdoor dining area, a big seating area with lots of pillows. There is a tour group here to photograph birds and W.A.s. We are in an area of bird sanctuaries.
It’s a bit humid here compared to the dry area around Bhuj. It even rained a few drops. It reminds me more of Africa here than India.
The only horrible scenario was when I accidentally locked Bonnie in our room and went out to the dining area. Bonnie was a good sport and I felt really dumb. If you tried to think of things that could go wrong, that would be a new one for the books.
Tomorrow a safari into bird-land. No pics yet. I can’t get my blog to cooperate.

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