Embroidery and the Desert

imageQuasab is a collective that sells for women in the Kutch area of Gujarat. They embroideries  are different in each village group. Each one do unbelievably beautiful work. We visited their outlet today, learned all about their work be interested in  and learned to do some embroidery from several village women who work at Quasab. Lunch at the hotel then off to the desert of Rann, almost to the Pakistan border. We had to go through a military checkpoint, show passports and pay 100 Rupees to go into the area. We stopped at a small village near the checkpoint looked at their wares and their B & B accomodations. The  round mud houses are decorated with paint, the walls are plaster designs and amirrors.. I bought another quilt. Beautiful and a great bargain. My students will be interested. I plan to make aimage presentation of photos and examples to show my classes.

We made a quick trip to the Desert of Rann, a salt pan reaching all the way to the Pakistan border. It was stark and beautiful, the colors and shades, camels, horses and people playing like it was the beach.

after returning to the hotel we shipped our purchases home with a courier. The boxes should reach home in 10-15 days. Hopefully not long after we get back.  There was a bit of a kerfuffle with the shipping, but it all got straightened out.

Tomorrow will be another travel day. Six hours to a bird sanctuary to see wild life. I hope this part of the trip will be a bit less scheduled and more relaxing.



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