Artisan Show and Sale

Felting today. We checked out an opening of a show at Khmer, at a gallery in the country, an NGO,   Non-Government Organization, in the area. It was a fancy affair with all the women in finest, artists speaking and networking, a grand opening of  exhibitions of local Kutchi artwork. It was attended by the ” the Tax Collector”  He had armed guards surrounding him. The whole party started late waiting for this person.

This area in Gujarat is called Kutch and it is where all the crafts come from. We ate lunch there.

We got a felting demo which took hours.  We sat around today, waiting for a long time. Another collective  called Shurjan was our next stop. We didn’t see anything but their store. They have handicrafts from all over and have a different type of embroidery on their things.
imageHealth Report: My hearing has returned and today I thought I was going to have a Pine Mountain stomach experience but it cleared up. Everybody in the group is well.

On the way back to the hotel,  there was a stop at the local market. Bonnie and I were so tired that we got our bus and went back to the hotel, leaving Marion and Jalpa to shop for jewelry.

Back at the room for a chilled glass of the contraband beverage and a bit of sewing. We are making plans for shipping our purchases back tomorrow.  Chala for now.  (Ciao in Italian)

p.s. The  so called coffee here is strictly Nescafé. I am loving the chai in the afternoons tho.


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