Another Day Another Dollar

imageOr Rupees, as the case may be. I am carrying around my iPhone to act as a quick conversion tool for me and Bonnie when shopping. I have my iPad for photos for easy access for the blog. Not as convenient as a camera but it takes pretty good photos.

We we arrived at Dr. Khatri’s family compound to see the block printing. The family has been doing this craft for many generations. Three gens live in the compound now. The  master, Dr. Khatri, (an honorary degree given to him in Britain for keeping the craft going. ) gave us the rundown on his history of his business and the dyes. The blocks printing is all by hand, using a ll natural dyes and indigo as well. They gather the dyes and process them, print the fabric and wash and dry it there in long lengths that they lay out on the ground. His fabric was beautiful intricate printing. Beautiful.

After Dr.Khatris place, we went to another fabric printer in the same village to see what he had He was a nice man with lots of  stuff.

Onward to the weaving and indigo demonstration In a touristy town called Bhujodi.  These places were ones I went timageo on my last trip.The weather has been mild and really nice. The drives to these places has been as good as it could be what with all the traffic and horns honking at our big bus. It seats 12 and there are only four of us. We have lots of room.

I hope to get caught up with the blogs tonight. As you can guess I do not have much spare time. I only have internet in the lobby of the hotel. Bye for now.



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