Craft Villages

Today, more little villages in the country. It seems like we are going on dirt roads and all of a sudden a small village pops up. First we went to the town of Nirona and saw the Rogan painters. Theirs intone on fabric is done with pigment and thick boiled castor oil. Otis so fine it looks like fine embroidery. Apparently the president of India brought one of these paintings to Obama as a gift. I wonder where he has it in the White House.  Same village, down a lane to the copper bell people. These crafts people have all passedimage their crafts down through the generations. We got a demo of how they make the bells by hand.  On to another small village to see the hand turned lacquer work.  It was so interesting how they create the patterns on the item  turned with a rope and a stick and the naturally made lacquer. Everything is made with what materials they have locally. Some girls and women gathered up behind us with beads and dolls. I was sniffing around for quilts. They brought one out and it was so inexpensive that I felt guilty buying it. Can’t wait to show all these things to students and friends. Then onto  Muslim village where they did the most incredible tie and dye, dyeing.  Each piece was museum quality, all thrown out in a pile to see (and buy of course).  Back home to the hotel to freshen up and have dinner the outta the Bhuj evening market to look at more quilts at a shop. I am getting shopping fatigue, and just plain fatigue keeping up the pace. I’ll rest whenI get home. imageimage

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