Batik and Tie Dye Day

Today we went downstairs and started the batik workshop with the artist, Mukesh, who gave us the rundown on his workshop, then sat us down with the girls who work painting the wax on the fabric and we made a big scarf size batik. The girls work o sand tab Mukesh dyed it for us and we got it later. Meanwhile, he had quite a nice shop for buying the batik.  We hiad lunch and drive to the bandhani, or tie dye. The all Muslim group or family work the tying and dyeing. We got deems here and did our own examples of Shibori, a stitched sample and a tied example. They dyed them for us and by the time we finished looking and shopping there, our stuff was dry. Both of these workshops were fun, We three ladies on the tour and our leader, Jalpa, are getting along fine. The driver is really good as many streets accorded and narrow and getting our van through needed some trick and fancy driving. We are keeping up a good pace every day.image image


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