Another day in Ahmedabad


I was as awakened by a text from Chase bank fraud div. informing me that someone was using my credit card. Panic! I got it cancelled and the bimageadimagedies were not able to charge anything. They tried though. What a way to start the day.

imageWe hurried up to get to the Calico Museum for the tour at 10 am.  This a fabulous collection of 17th century textiles, clothing, hangings, double Ikat weaving that looked like a painting it was so fine.  I have never seen such a collection of textiles. The museum is set in a beautiful garden on to lunch at an Indian ” fast food” restaurant. The food was really good and seemed like more of a gourmet deli. Food was served on paper plates  the big difference.

After lunch imagewe visited a block carver. This man is one of the best in India. There used to be hundreds of artists who carved the blocks for printing. It is down to twelve now. He learned from his father and is teaching his son. I bought a few blocks to share with my students.

Gujarat is a dry state, no alcohol, unless you are a visitor. Then you can apply for a permit and buy two bottles of  whatever. You need a letter from the hotel, passport, visa. After that we waited in line to get many official stamps and finally the two bottles of wine. What an ordeal.

Kite day tomorrow. The whole city is out buying kites.


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