Next Day

I got up early to write a few emails only to be texted by Case bank fraud division that someone had tried to use my credit card in the states. Had to deal with that, calling the bank, etc.

Breakfast then on to the Calico Museum for a 10 o’clock tour. This museum is a gem. It is filled with 17th century textiles; embroideries so fine they look like paintings, appliqué, weaving, double Ikat. Every room had customers or textiles from different regions. No photography and only 20 people allowed in at a time.  The museum is situated in a big garden. We loved the experience. I picked up an entire folder of all the techniques that were employed by the textile artists. I am thinking of my classes and examples for students.

Lunch at a “fast food” place. More taste treats. On to a block carvers home/ studio. He carved a block for us. I bought a few blocks to use in my teaching. This man was amazing. He is one of the renowned block carvers in India. His small town was typical, with crowded streets, friendly people, especially the kid.

back to the hotel and than out to try to buy a bottle of wine.  What

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