We had a few errands in a.m.  A travel word to the wise: make sure you get money in the airport when you arrive and bring your adapter for the devices to be charged.

We headed to the old city in Ahmedabad to get fabric for the Appliqué workshop I will be teaching.  Cars are not allowed the in old city so we tuk-tucked in. What a wild ride. Crowded with people, colorful, noisy with car horns, and the air filled with carbon monoxide. We got to our destination, a fabric store run by  Muslim group. Beautiful fabrics. Of every color and pattern. On shelves, on the floor. I was in heaven.  If you want a meter of fabric, the man sits on the  floor, measures and tears. The prices run about $2.00 a meter and up. Pretty reasonable. I got what I needed On to the next store down the street. It was up a narrow metal staircase with a handrail and a rope to pull yourself up. We did some looking and price comparing. We will be returning. Stopped bought some more bandani scarves.

Lunch outdoors at the M & G Hotel, a former textile building. So many new delicious tastes. Jalpa is wonderful at introducing new taste treats. What with the Kite Festival coming up, we went to a friend office to get a view of the festivities. Not much going on as the was no wind. The building’s elevator was broimageken so we left, went home and collapsed for an hour.

Dinner was fabulous, the Vishalla, a traditional Gujerati meal, low tables, seated on the ground, food served on leaves stitched together, served by waiters dressed in white and white turbans. All outside, low lighting in a garden setting.  What a feast. This restaurant had a traditional puppet show going on, drumming, people dancing. What an day!



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