Health Camp

imageJanuary 8,2014
I made the newspapers today. Three papers actually, my picture in two of them. In action at the Rescue Junction teaching “The Faces of Hope” art project to the children.
There are Forty women here at the office awaiting sterilization. They call this the health camp and it only happens once a year. By American standards, primitive, but they get the job done for the women and for free. All the women have relatives with them to take care of the babies while they’re having the operation. The women stay the night, get good food to eat, some clothes for the children and a warm blanket. I feel like a fish out of water here, but the founders, Nick and Deepak could not’ be nicer or more attentive. It was a big day for them. Some of the women were so young and had 4 children already.
Onward to the beginning of my journey home. Dinner at English Nick’s house and straight to the train station in Gaya, leaving at 10:30 pm. I had great help getting to the station and finding the right bunk. It reminded me do an 40’s train movie. I spent a reasonably uncomfortable night tea at 7am, breakfast at 8. At least this train has two loos, one Western and one Indian. I think I was more worried about that than anything else.

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