The Long Road Home

January 9, 2014
The long road home! The train ride was long and arriving to find a rickshaw driver to the hotel. Of course I did not know how far the station was from the hotel so I got overcharged. Trying to buy things and get a decent price here is difficult. They see me coming and see $$$. I felt like I had jet lag all over again too when I got off the train.
I’m glad to be heading out It’s been a long time for me, three weeks. If I have learned one thing here, it is to take one day at a time, be calm and enjoy each day for what it brings. I hope I can maintain this when I get back.
Today in Delhi, it’s raining and dreary out. I will spend the night at the same hotel, the Grand Godwin, on the 10th, then get myself to the airport late in the evening. The plane for Tokyo leaves at 1.45 am, on the 11th. Arriving on the 11th as well across the international dateline and expecting jet lag when I return.
I will add more photos and stories when I get home and have my laptop handy.

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