Return to Rescue Junction

January 7,image 2014
I went to the office to discover that they people there had created a board with about 100 of the art portraits. They will go on the wall there.
Rescue junction took in 6 boys yesterday saving them from being trafficked to Delhi. The baddie is going to jail as a result. Yea for People First.
I went on to Gaya, and Rescue Junction, to finish teaching the art lesson of the self-portraits. It was a success. The kids loved it and did a good job. I took some of the portraits and asked the people there to make a display board of their kids portraits for the wall as well as the display board of Saint Marks’s artwork. We have now put artwork in three places connected with People First. While I was elsewhere the workers glued the portraits on a board and put a frame around them. They looked great.
This time in Bohdgaya was such a different experience from my trip in Buhj and Jailpur. The peacefulness of family and the the countryside. I felt safe there, with all those monks around, adding to the spiritual side of things.

The roads are the same though, all through India, that is, pretty bad and all the traffic and incessant honking. They use the horn to let people know they are passing. I read that one of the rules of the road is to let no space go Unfilled. That sounds about right.
Tomorrow, my last day here, I am going to a health camp. They will be performing sterilization operations on hundreds.
Dinner at Nick Hansen’s and then to the train to Delhi. I am looking forward to the road home. It’s been a long trip for me with much learned,,many new friends made.

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