Touring the Temples

imageJanuary 5, 2014 Two families came to visit Deepak’s family yesterday with kids so it has been crazy around here. I do have an itinerary for each day and today a friend from the People First came and toured me around all the temples in Bohdgaya. The Buddhist Maharabohdi Temple is the big attraction. That is where the bohdi tree stands. This is where the Buddha got enlightened. The cold rain today surprised me but I carried on. I checked my shoes so I could walk in, through the mud and wet in bare feet. This is the pinnacle for Buddhists to visit and meditate.There is a sacred golden Buddha inside. Tons of monks. With and without masks. There are fabulously painted Bhutanese, Thai, Tibetan, Japanese and Burmese temples as well. It’s cold here and I am glad a bought a quilted jacket in Jaipur.

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