Le Fauoët and Lomariaquer

An early morning walk to a garden in Nantes before our trip to Brittany was lovely and pleasantly. Then we visited a chateau/castle made into a museum. This city is on the ocean and was a major port for slaves and trade in the early days(1600’s) and is now a busy city with a lot of history of kings and queens and invaders from Britain, trying to live down their past.

We jumped in the cars and headed for Le Faouët, where Michel Garcia has his workshop. Another harrowing car ride full of bumping over curbs, going the wrong way and getting lost. We made a planned stop at a restaurant that was full because of no reservations were made ahead. The next stop was Carnac, an ancient gathering of megaliths and stones. Similar to Stonehenge.

We arrived at our destination, a nice B&B in a big house. A welcome dinner and lots of congenial fun. Relieved to have reached our destination it’s so quiet here at night, you could hear a pin drop and the weather is perfect.

One thought on “Le Fauoët and Lomariaquer

  1. Locmariaquer? Lomariaquer not within Google Earth’s purview although Locmariaquer is. So I assume that you are there and enjoying temperate weather at last. Some of your car rides sound like less than fun. Imagine Rick, Andre, Grandmama, Jess and I in Fronce hitting our first roundabout in Fronch! Stop the Train!

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