Day No. 1 of Textile Study Tour

I spent yesterday resting after an early walk headed to the Montmartre/Sacre-Ceour, area hoping to see the sights I missed the first evening. The day turned out to be so hot that I turned back for the apartment. I felt like I was coming down with a cold. I went to Monoprix and bought yogurt and Orange juice. That was the end of that. It was so hot I had trouble sleeping.

I awakened feeling better and the cold seemed to have disappeared. The first day plan was to find my apartment, meet the group, possibly go to a Textile show and have dinner with the group. I got an early start to beat the heat, took two busses (I’m proud of myself for that) arriving at 9 am. After finding the apartment, I walked to Luxembourg Gardens, a grand garden with at least 100 statues, two monumental fountains and lots of people enjoying the park. Luxembourg Palace, at the end of the park, is the home of the French Senate. Everywhere one looks in Paris, are statues, fabulous churches, parks, not to mention the motorized scooters everywhere, even on the sidewalks. I missed the trip to the exhibition this afternoon. I’m not too disappointed as it was really hot this afternoon. Dinner was lovely with the group at the corner bistro. Tomorrow we are off to see several textile museums.

View from Square Carpeau windows

World Fountain

Medici Fountain

St Genevieve, patron saint of Paris

Palais de luxembourg

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