If it’s Tuesday it must be Cuba

imageimageimageThe agriculture farms were a result of the special period when people had no food. We visited one large farm that now has 25 acres. Mostly vegetables and fruits. Everything is organic. No pesticides or fertilizers were available at that time due to the embargo. They use good bugs to eat the bad ones, 8 wells for water. Flowers are grown and animals were brought in for the compost. There are now 163 workers who are trained and well paid. The community comes to buy the products at a store run by the coop. 20% goes to restaurants
Guiar is a plant that is used to make maracas and medicine, sour sop, fruta bomba. Sugar apple, cheese fruit, beans, peppers.
For lunch we landed at Cojima a small fishing town where Hemmingway was inspired to write “Old Man an the Sea” here. They had his favorite table dedicated to him.
Guanacos is a town dedicated to the Santoria religion. This is African/Yoruba melded with Catholicism. Dancing, Congo and Rumba. We got an intro to this. No tourists here!
We are now on our way to dinner at a jazz club. This was real jazz with a singer and incredible musicians. A relief from the restaurant BuenaVista Social Club style musicians
I cannot count the times I have gotten on and off the bus during the trip.

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