Back to Havana

imageimageimageOur last night in Cienfuegos was a dinner at a restaurant on the water with the breezes blowing through the windows. We departed at 9 and drov to Santa Clara, the town where Che Guevara is laid to rest. Big statue, museum and his interment along with the freedom fighters he was with. To the Cuban people, he is an icon. Many of his ideas are still in use today and serve the people well. There are still restrictions in nbusiness. The Cubans do not have much due to the embargo. Plus they are still recovering from the crash when the Soviets withdrew their help. We have learned a tremendous amount about Cuban culture. It’s an amazing country. One has to visit and experience the flavor of the culture.
Speaking of flavor, the food is all the same everywhere we go. Of course we get the tourist buffets but the Cubans do not have a variety of food available. They now grow many of their vegetables in coop gardens and farms. This gives the locals fresh veggies. After the Soviets pulled out the people nearly starved until they got the gardens going. There was no oil to run cars and machines. This is why time stood still for Cuba. They are predicting 4,000,000 Americans coming when the flights to Cuba begin. I hope that this doesn’t turn this clean, pure place into another Hawaii.
It’s green and lush and tropical here.

Tonigh we drive to a restaurant in a 55 Chevy. The driver pulled up and showed us the engine. He pulled a flask put of the engine and said This is my engine oil. And started drinking it.

we had a great dinner with everybody.


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