El Tatio Geysers – The Andes

Our casita.

Up at 5am to head out to see the geysers at sunrise. The geysers are biggest when it’s colder. – 17 c

14,000 Ft elevation. I defitely felt the altitude. They gave me Coca leaf tea for the cure. We saw flamingoes, vicuña, llamas, Andes geese, Huge coots, Andes sea gulls, and multicolored Chilean ducks in a wetland high in the Andes.

Back to San Pedro to get our bags and out to Tulor for a night on the edge of the salt flats in a hand built adobe house. Eleanore  came out last night for an outdoor dinner. You could almost touch the stars overhead. Today we woke up to a sunrise on the desert and peace and quiet like I have not experienced for a little no time.

A thermal geyser

Andre with geyser

Main House in Tulor



Sun setting on the Andes

Andre making Espressos

San Pedro de Atacama

I did not get a post out yesterday because we were tired after flying to Calama and then on to San Pedro two hours in a van. We went out for a wonderful dinner in town with Eleanore and Noa her daughter and had several Pisco Sours with dinner.

This morning was great.  We


Afternoon shadows, Andre and Eleanore


Wonderful Family Dinner

visited the park where Eleanore works and walked horses through the desert for 2 1/2 miles. It was an experience for the books.  Lunch at a local cafe for a Chilean lunch. In the afternoon, we drove to the Valley of the Moon and watched the moon come up over the Andes as the sun set. Unbelievable colors. What a day that was.


Tourists w/volcano in background

This horse became my friend