To Market, To Market

Hot weather is upon us! it is predicted to go up to 99 by Wednesday. Rather like the heat wave we just experienced in Marin last week. So we set out this morning for a big market in the Saint Denis square. What a market, fish, meat cheeses, and fruits inside, fabric and clothing outside- I have never seen such a huge colorful jumble of hawkers of wares, smells, and people from all over the world buying for their families. This was definitely not a tourist destination. From there we had lunch in an outdoor cafe o n the square, checked out the cathedral on the square with its stories of Louis the XVIII raiding all the tombs on site for valuables. I am amazed by all the history connected with Paris.

it was great, but it all went downhill from there when Don’s cell phone got pickpocketed on the metro. We spent most of the rest of the day dealing with that.with a flurry of visits to police and calls to Apple, ATT , etc. We did manage to go to a restaurant for dinner, in spite of all this. The Bistro Julien decor was Art Nouveau with paintings by Alphonse Mucha on the walls. We loved the decor and the prices were right. It is a plus to be with Locals and go to places where you do not see tourists other than me of course.


One thought on “To Market, To Market

  1. Patty yesterdays posting went to a different site for some reason. Great photos of the market. Sorry to hear about the cell phone. Remember Jack had his rail pass stolen when we were in Paris. Stay vigilent.

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