Rainbow canyon

We made a trip into the Rainbow Canyon on a private tour. It was pretty fabulous. Andre loved all the interesting rocks, and there were lots of llamas, birds, and ancient petroglyphs.it was pretty high elevation 10,000 ft.

Health report: it’s been tricky, adjusting to the altitude, dry desert air, a stomach problem (me) and dehydration  for the first couple of days but we are doing better plus it’s cold here.

tomorrow the get


Roadside llama

Andre amongst rock



2 thoughts on “Rainbow canyon

  1. Hi Patti! Love the blog! Really love the roadside llama!! Thank you for all the great photos!
    Love, Suzanne

  2. Patty, great photos. I enjoy the updates so much. Drink lots of water. stay healthy. Hope to hear from you soon.

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