Cuba 3

Cuba 3
Varadero is another side of the Cuban Experience, fabulous beach that was voted the third best in the world, first built on by the DuPont family, lots of Europeans.
We visited an artist workshop, sculpture and ceramics, some bizarre, using metal and recycled materials.
On to a town called Matanzas for lunch. This restaurant was in a private home. This is common for families to open up their home for a restaurant. We had entertainers, drummers, dancers, showing us their Cuban/African stories in dance. Pretty wild. We did the Rumba conga line with the dancers. Back to the hotel for a swim in the ocean. More tomorrow

Cuba again

Day 2
Fabulous old cars in Central Havana today.
Architectural beauties, some restored, some not so much. Colonial, Art Deco,
This where the old car taxis pick up fares for a fun ride. Hopefully by the end of the trip, we will take a ride for 1 hour.. Lunch in an Italian place with music to entertain. On tho Varadero, we stopped and everyone was dancing and drinking Pina coladas. You don’t see these rest stops along I -5.
Bus to Varadero, a beach town on the Straits of Florida. Went swimming in a mad rainstorm. Bonnie and I have a suite with lots of room. When the tourists start coming from he US., I hope this area does not turn into another Hawaii. Love to you all. more later.


First Day in Cuba

image.jpegimage.jpegArrived in Panama after a red eye flight from. San Francisco and left my new camera on the plane.
They told me it would be in lost and found. Well let’s hope it’s there . Meanwhile I am back to taking photos with my iPad. I hope an honest person finds it and turns it in.
On my way to Havana now. I will try to keep calm and carry on, as they say.

Later – checked in at Hotel Presidente. The hotel needs refurbishing but the people are lovely and helpful.
The bus ride from the airport was interesting, driving by houses formerly palatial residences, now apartments with many people living there. The old cars are everywhere. I even saw a red Packard convertible taxi.
The pic I’m sending is of the special stadium where the Rolling Stones played. Dinner was sumptuous and we were serenaded by a group who played songs from the country.

More tomorrow. It’s fabulous here. The architecture is beautiful. We will take a walking tour of old Havana tomorrow. It’s raining.







Summer 2016 / Cuba

School is out for summer. My classes were great.The students were creative, curious and interested. They created small collections of original textiles.


Memorial Day Andre and I went to the Presidio to visit grandparents and great grandparents graves. It was a first visit for Andre.


Tonight, I am on my way to Cuba with the CCSF Study Abroad program. I will post as often as I can. I have heard that internet connections are not ideal. Music, architecture, old 50’s cars,fashion, a step back in time.