Cuba 3

Cuba 3
Varadero is another side of the Cuban Experience, fabulous beach that was voted the third best in the world, first built on by the DuPont family, lots of Europeans.
We visited an artist workshop, sculpture and ceramics, some bizarre, using metal and recycled materials.
On to a town called Matanzas for lunch. This restaurant was in a private home. This is common for families to open up their home for a restaurant. We had entertainers, drummers, dancers, showing us their Cuban/African stories in dance. Pretty wild. We did the Rumba conga line with the dancers. Back to the hotel for a swim in the ocean. More tomorrow

One thought on “Cuba 3

  1. Thanks for your daily posts. I knew you’d be a Cuban Rhumba-eer once you got down there. I know you’ll also keep your eye out for a Packard! Your model pose with the Chevys is currently the big winner here in California. Have fun.

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