Lots of Lava

Hona Hua, the the very local restaurant in front of our rooms, is where we had breakfast. The menu has spam and lots of gravy offered. We picked up a few bakery items for lunch at the local bakery and stopped at a black sand beach on the way to the Volcano National Park. After checking into our b & b, the Volcano Inn and I found a quilt store tucked away in the town of Volcano. We drove the Chain of Craters Road all the way to the end where lava covered the road in 1969 and then walked through the Thurston Lava Tube, an air pocket through the lava. Very eerie. Lava everywhere!!
We had a spectacular dinner at “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” as Andre called it. The Volcano House is inside the park and we watched the active volcano venting, not erupting at the moment, from our table. It was an amazing sight.



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