Days 1 and 2

imageUpon arriving in Newark, we found our flight to Mumbai was cancelled. A night in a Newark Hotel and departure the next night on Lufthansa, through Munich was the plan for us.  Hung out in a Newark  mall,  15 degree weather.  Meanwhile our luggage got lost. My cold got worse and I lost hearing in one ear. What else could go wrong.

We Arrived in Mumbai with no luggage having lost a day of our trip. It felt like we had been on the road for a week.The one saving thing was that our imagehotel was fabulous. I had an adventure going to the doctor and chemist in the morning to see what I could do about the deafness. After lunch on the rooftop terrace, what else could we do but retail therapy for some clothes. In the evening we went to a silk and sari store. It was straight out of  the movie “Monsoon Wedding”, colored silk, lots of people choosing their wedding fabrics, another adventure into Indian culture. Tomorrow onto Ahmedabad. We are praying that our luggage will meet us at the airport.

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