A Day in Jaipur


January 1, 2014. New Years Day This morning, Umar, my tuk tuk driver, picked me up and we headed for the Amber Fort, high on a hill, a palace built by a maharaja from marble and sandstone in the 1700’s. It took 25 years to complete. It must have been amazing in its prime. (Before the advent of tourists, and motor bikes) The royals got around on elephants or they were carried around. On the way back, we stopped for a visit to a block printing shop and a spice shop, then to the royal tombs. More marble and carvings. It was quiet there, birds singing, a welcome change from the hectic tourist attractions. I’m working on shipping my stuff. It will be a relief not to have to schlep it across India. It’s quite reasonable considering an extra bag costs me $100 with United airlines. Tomorrow the drive to Delhi via the Taj Mahal.

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