Visiting artist workshops

imageimageimageThe day started at 9 with the rickshaw driver picking me up. We were off to the Muslim block printers, dyeing the cloth with natural dyes and Indigo. All in the family for 450 years. I have heard many stories about how the 2001 earthquake caused havoc. This family had to move operations because their village was flattened. This was also the fate of the Sari weaver I visited day before yesterday. I went to an exhibition of batik and block prints. These places were not easy to get to. Long dirt roads that lead from the highway, if you call that. Dust, pollution, incessant horn blowing, dead dogs in the road, if a cow decides to walk across the road, everybody goes around or stops. The rickshaw rides are memorable. Next was the weaving village of Bujodi. One family gave me lunch, showed me the looms (and the shop). Hand spun warps and wefts, natural dyes in about half the weaving of the dupattas (a large stole that is worn by women). Back to Buhj to a tie dye studio. Wow! What a great day. The colorful fabrics. I just love looking at what the women are wearing on the streets too.

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