The Golden Circle

The “Golden Circle” is drive through a National Park and the surrounding countryside that contains geysers, amazing big waterfalls and a place where tectonic plates are separating. This is also where the Icelanders held their assembly of chieftains that acted as a court for their people.  Drove to the small town of Vik

on the coast and our new place and checked out the black sand beach after being caught in a rainstorm. We saw fabulous skies and clouds, waterfalls and rainbows everywhere. Wildflowers are blooming everywhere. I am so happy to be out of the city and into nature.

Photos left to right: The Geyser, Black Sand Beach and the Sea Stacks, Gullfoss Falls

A Day on the Town

We walked all over Reykjavik today (not sure how many miles) starting out by checking out of the condo and grabbing croissants and morning buns at a great little place where they were making the pastries before our eyes. We wandered around and visited the National Gallery and National Museum, city hall, fashion and shopping district.
We got the history of Iceland  down but we are butchering the language. It’s really hard to pronounce Icelandic. Most people we have met speak English so far it’s been easy to communicate. After a free jazz concert at the Harpa Concert Hall, dinner at a small place that served soup in bread bowl then back to our hotel. I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow out to the country

Photos left to right. Broud & Co., Typical architecture, Andy meets a local,  What to watch for out in the mountains!

A Travel Day to Reykjavik

The sunset was taken at 10.30 pm.  Sunset 12.30am, sunrise 2.30am.

Today was a Travel day. By the time we got out of the airport and to the condo, it was nearly five o’clock.  We went out and walked around and had an Icelandic dinner. Lots of fish!  And delish! It’s a quaint city old and new. Lots of things king on here including Gay Pride Week and a jazz festival . Tomorrow we will explore the museums, including the phallological Museum, (maybe) and shops. Its pretty cold here for mid summer. Everybody is dressed in coats and boots.

Iceland Here We Come

What with school starting soon and Andre getting a new geology job,(the one he wanted) we decided to celebrate with a trip that encompassed both art and Geology. So here we are, in the airport waiting for our plane. We have a great itinerary planned for the week. I will keep you posted with pics and info.

Thursday June 16 Cuba

Today was a free day for us. Bonnie Marsha and I took a tourist sight-seeing bus in the morningand saw Havana neighborhoods from a different view on top of an open-air bus. We stopped at the cathedral plaza and had a cool one. I got my fortune told by a Santoria woman. she used Tarot cards and shells. It was a GOOD one. I got a sacred rock for health. I hope it protects me from all the sick people on the trip. We walked around Old Havana and shopped in a great old Cuban department store turned into a market place. We went back to the plaza and took a ride home in ’59 pepto-bismol pink Pontiac Skyhawk with Continental kit. Now THAT was fun.