A Travel Day to Reykjavik

The sunset was taken at 10.30 pm.  Sunset 12.30am, sunrise 2.30am.

Today was a Travel day. By the time we got out of the airport and to the condo, it was nearly five o’clock.  We went out and walked around and had an Icelandic dinner. Lots of fish!  And delish! It’s a quaint city old and new. Lots of things king on here including Gay Pride Week and a jazz festival . Tomorrow we will explore the museums, including the phallological Museum, (maybe) and shops. Its pretty cold here for mid summer. Everybody is dressed in coats and boots.

Iceland Here We Come

What with school starting soon and Andre getting a new geology job,(the one he wanted) we decided to celebrate with a trip that encompassed both art and Geology. So here we are, in the airport waiting for our plane. We have a great itinerary planned for the week. I will keep you posted with pics and info.