Around Buhj

imageimage I went to Qasab office to see how they finish and distribute the craftsmen’s work in order to sell it. After getting the work from the villages they make into useable things like bags, wall hangings, pillow covers and quilts. I visited an amazing silk weaver of Ikat saris and scarves. He grows the dye plants, dyes the silk and weaves. The whole family works at this. His father reminded me of Ghandi sitting on the floor and winding skeins. Back to the Hotel for a Gujerati lunch. Also saw the Buhj Museum with lots of old textiles and the Main Shopping Bazaar. I’m exhausted.
I am going on a textillian gauntlet tomorrow all by rickshaw. Sometimes I feel like Judy Dench in Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Visiting the villages


I was taken on an incredible journey to visit the tribal villages 50k outside of Buhj. These women create mirrored pieces, quilts, dolls and embroidery by hand. They work through a collective run by Meena and Punkaj called Qasab. Working this way gives the women income and power in the village. I had to promise not to take photos of the women, which was difficult, as they were so colorful and beautiful.

Day 1 ~ Delhi


imageThe Main Bazaar and the Red Fort were the destinations today. The bazaar was walking distance. Glad I had good shoes. I found a shop with shawls and carpets from Kashmir. Bargaining is the name of the game. An open air tuk tuk ride to the Red Fort, a world heritage site built by Shah Jahan (Taj Mahal fame) as a palace. Riding through Delhi is hair raising and rather fun. Here are a couple of pics.  I took a great video of the ride but can’t figure out how to put it in the blog. Later. Tomorrow I travel to Bhuj.

Christmas Day:  Many offered a “Merry Christmas”to me and I felt sad not to be with family but I was quickly distracted by shopping.


Arrival in Delhi

image I arrived safely. All is well. A blanket of fog covered the city. Driving is on the right hand side and reminds me of a combination of Cairo and Beijing, honking swerving and driving an inch from the car next to you and never mind the red lights?The driver was there to meet me. Here’s a pic of the hotel and the hotel welcome committee. Tomorrow a little sightseeing and a little shopping. Small airport story: A little seed got stuck in the charging port of my iPad and I thought I was doomed but a friendly technie young man spotted it for me as I started to freak out. I had to operate on it with a pin and the disaster was averted. image

My Itinerary in India

12/23 — Delhi
12/25 — Fly to Bhuj (Gujarat in the West)
12/30 — Train to Jaipur 14322
12/31 — Arrive Jaipur (Rajastan)
1/2 — Jaipur to Agra to Delhi
1/3 — Fly to Bodhgaya (Bihar in the East)
1/8 — Night train back to Delhi
1/11– Leave Delhi